Natural herbs Hypertension Patch

7 Out Of Every 10 People Having Their First Heart Attack Have High Blood Pressure!

Persistent high blood pressure can lead to many fatal health problems if left untreated or uncontrolled, such as:

  1. Heart failure
  2. Stroke & kidney disease
  3. Severe headaches
  4. Extreme fatigue, confusion & vision loss
  5. Difficulty breathing Poor night’s sleep
This 100% herbal patch will Effectively & Safely Normalizes Your Blood Pressure

TCM Herbal Ingredients

Hypertension Patch is a medical breakthrough technology developed by ICTM for hypertension which focuses on regulating your heart output effectively.

It expands your blood vessel which reduces blood flow resistance, thus lowering your heart rate as it does not need to work as hard to circulate blood throughout the body. 

By reducing the blood flow resistance and reducing heat output , It…

  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Stabilize heart rate
  • Reconstruct elasticity of blood vessels
  • Increase oxygen flow to the brain
  • Improve overall condition
  • Alleviates fatigue & headaches
  • Normalizes blood circulation
  • No pill consumption
  • Helps with vertigo
Doctor Hypertension Patch is clinically proven to help normalize high blood pressure.
It is the perfect solution for heart attack patients, obese patients, smokers, alcoholic, older adults who want to normalize their high blood pressure naturally & effectively!

No one likes to be limited by their high blood pressure and miss out on life’s great joys. 

With this Hypertension Patch, you can once again enjoy time with loved ones, eat everything you want to eat, or just care for your home!

Hypertension Patch contains special herbal saponin refined from herbs concentration and functions to regulate the heart output effectively.


1. Instant Effects

2. Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

3. Extra Fast Result

4. Save Cost, Safe, Effective

5. Customers Satisfaction Guaranteed

How To Use​

  1. Clean the surrounding area and wipe dry.
  2. Gently remove the protective film.
  3. Apply patch on navel. One plaster can be used for 8-12 hours.
  4. Not to used on open skin.
  5. Not to be used by pregnant or nursing mothers.


It normalizes blood pressure, helping you reduce your blood pressure without consuming medicines.

It normalizes blood circulation, helping you reduce your blood pressure.

It helps to increase oxygen amount in the blood, boosting metabolism and enhancing the lipid peroxidation process to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

Real Results. No Medicine!

"My doctors have prescribed numerous medications over the years. I have taken Carvedilol, Amlodipine, Lisenopril, Losartan and a host of others all with horrible side effects. None of these medication have ever got my blood pressure below 150/80 so due to the side effects I decided to quit taking the meds and just live with the high blood pressure. I bought these patches directly and on the 18th of December started taking them. I have only been putting a patch on one foot nightly. When I started taking them my blood pressure was 190/110. This morning my blood pressure was 160/84. Still high but not bad considering I have only been taking one patch and no other blood pressure medications."
"I've been using this patch for almost one month, now I noticed that my blood pressure has been normalize! What an amazing product!"
"I purchased this product after reading the positive reviews. My BP numbers were significantly reduced! From 185/87 to 123/72 in just 1 week. Give yourself a chance to try this product, you will find it amazing! Now I noticed that my blood pressure has been normalize!"
"It has really helped me reduce my blood pressure. I did see a big difference after a week. I guess my doctor will be shock when he saw my blood pressure now! Thank you for saving my life!"
"This hypertension patch surpassed my expectations. I've seen so many of these patches and thought is this one of those online products. I am glad I took the step to buy it. It has helped me feel more relaxed at bedtime, which has made my sleep good and my blood pressure is under control now."
"I tried this patch because a colleague introduced it to me. He made me feel comfortable using the patch and it was worth the hype. The constant headaches I usually have which signals when my Bp is high has ceased. I liked that it was payment on delivery, that gave me peace of mind to commit my cash to the product. Before I used this patch, if I take a quick walk or climb a flight of stairs I will begin to pant and breathe heavily. I don't experience it anymore. I am so excited about this hypertension patch. I recommend it."

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